Junior Section (4-5yrs)

Camp Director

Alyse Reichardt

Camp Registrar

Joanna Ingram

Junior Section 4-5

Campers in our Junior sections are introduced to stimulating day camp activities in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. The Junior Section Director works with counselling staff and Specialty Staff to ensure the camp program and activities are focused on the particular needs of our youngest age group. Activities are indoors and outdoors depending on the temperature and weather. 

Counsellor-to-camper ratios in this section are a maximum of 1:6. During many periods of the day, Assistant Counsellors or specialty staff join the groups, lowering the ratio to as much as 1:3.

Junior Section Activities

Activities for this age group include athletics, arts and crafts, music and drama, cooking, circle games, French, group activities, playground time, science activities, parachute games, hiking, sing-songs, team-based sports, storytelling and more! 

Swimming and Safety

Junior campers take part in two swim times during the camp day.  The first is a 30 minute Red Cross swim lesson, led by the life guarding staff at the Mooredale pool.  All lifeguards are trained and certified to instruct swimming lessons appropriate to your child’s swimming ability. 

The second swim time is during the all-camp recreation swim before lunch. In order to ensure everyone’s safety we take the following safety precautions:

  1. First of all, while the camp is swimming, the pool has a full lifeguard team actively guarding the pool that exceeds recommended Lifesaving Society guarding ratios
  2. During this time ALL junior aged campers, regardless of swim ability, are required to wear a personal flotation device. 
  3. We require that all Junior section counsellors stay within an arms reach of their campers at all times. 
  4. At the 15 minute mark we clear the pool and do an attendance check before resuming swimming. 
  5. Additional camp support staff are also in the pool and available to assist wherever needed.

Junior’s: A Typical Day

 7:30  Before camp care available from 7:30 – 8:15 am 
 8:15 Arrival and drop-off begins.  Free parking on site and TTC Route 82 stops directly in front of our location. 
 8:45Mooredale Morning Madness.  Led by MDC staff, this 15 minute kick-off time happens every morning with a time for sing-songs, announcements and important news of the day to get things started on the right foot. 
 9:00Between 9:15 am and 11:15 am, Junior campers take part in a 30 minute rotation of different group activities at stations around our property.  During this two hour period, campers will be taken to their appropriate Red Cross swim lesson at our pool by a Mooredale staff member.  Once the lesson is over, the staff member will return the camper to their cabin group. 
 11:30All-camp free swim!  This 25 minute swim is one of the highlights of the day.  Junior campers, regardless of swim level, are required to wear a life jacket and to be within arms reach of their counsellor throughout the swim time. 
 12:15Hot lunch provided daily by The Lunch Mom.  Our lunch meals are both nutritious and tasty, and every Friday is Pizza Day! 
 12:45Mealtime Madness happens every day after lunch – counsellors and program staff perform skits and special events to get us ready for the afternoon. 
 1:00Group and specialty activities.  The 45 minute afternoon activity periods include arts and crafts, athletics, music, drama, science, cooking and French, along with scheduled group activities planned by the cabin counsellors. 
 3:15Roundup!  It’s almost time to go home, but not before we check in with our favourite faery Clean-a-belle to find out which cabin wins the golden broom award, and to acknowledge our campers of the day. 
 3:30Dismissal time.  Junior campers (and their siblings) walk over to the front of Rosedale Public School where parents and guardians can connect with counsellors and hear all about the day’s activities. 
 4:00“Happy Hour” is our term for our optional after-camp care, provided by day camp staff, until 5:30 pm.  There is an extra fee for this service which can be paid by session or for individual days. 


Mooredale Day Camp is proud to be accredited by the Ontario Camps Association. The OCA works to preserve, promote and enhance the camp experience for children and adults. Mooredale Day Camp has voluntarily submitted to an independent appraisal completed by camp experts and has met up to 300 health, safety and quality program standards, from staff qualifications and training to emergency management. OCA Accreditation is a parent's best evidence of a camp's commitment to health and safety.