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Learn to Ski FAQ

What happens if I was unable to make the fitting?

If you were unable to make the fitting, that’s okay because there are some options.  At the very least we will do the fitting at the start of the first class.  If you are in the neighbourhood you could stop in at Earl Bales before the program starts and they can do the fitting on site in the rental shop.

What happens to my child’s ‘stuff’ during the program?

Other than ski equipment and outdoor clothing, we leave everything on the bus including snacks and school backpacks.  The bus driver stays with the bus while we are skiing.

Any backpacks or school items that can be picked up by parents or guardians after school would be appreciated.

How much skiing time is there?

There are variables involved (specifically traffic and weather), but IF the bus leaves Mooredale on time (4 pm), if traffic and weather are ‘normal’, and once participants are familiar with the facilities and the equipment, we find students can be on the hill between 5 and 5:05.  At the end of the evening we start packing up the youngest participants between 6:20 and 6:30, and the older participants between 6:30 and 6:35.  Our goal is to have 1 – 1 ½ hours on the hill.  Additionally, cold/warm weather and snow conditions can impact the amount of time participants want to be on the hill.

Can I sign up for the meal option after lessons have started?

Yes, you can still opt in!  Please let Catherine in the office know (she is CC’d on the email) and she can take payment.  A link to an online order form will be emailed to you so you can select which sandwich option your child prefers.

If you have ordered supper but do not select which sandwich option your child wants, we will select the turkey option when we place the order on the Monday before the class.

Can I send money to purchase food at the Earl Bales snack bar?

We highly discourage this as we have found in the past that participants can take up to 45 minutes to take gear off, order something to eat, eat, and get gear back on.  Our chaperons will not be providing supervision for anyone doing this, so please don’t send money along.

Can I change what type of meal I ordered?

Yes you can.  Orders can be changed up to noon on the Monday before the lesson.  Please inform me by email of any changes you wish.

How much food should I send along?

How much food you send if you do not opt into the dinner option does depend on the child, but we have time during pick up while sitting on the buss to eat.  Additionally, we give some time on the bus before we leave the ski hill to return home. 

As a guideline, the dinner option will have a sandwich, two drink boxes, a snack and a desert included. Usually participants will eat some of the meal before the lesson, and some afterwards.

How warm should I dress my child?

Dress as warm as you would for tobogganing or outdoor skating.  The participants are active and do get warmed up quickly, even if there is a wind chill.  Additionally, the helmet fits snugly as is somewhat insulated, adding extra warmth protection. Once the lessons start – unless it is extremely cold – we often find for some participants it can be a challenge to keep their protective layers on because they start feeling too warm.

Pro tip:  We suggest a balaclava or thin toque so the helmet fits snugger.  Hats or puffy toques with pompoms or other frills can be uncomfortable under the mandatory helmet.

Should I label my equipment?

Yes!  Please label as much as possible.  While we do our best to bring everything home with us, and with the right child, items can be left behind and misplaced.  Labeling helps us to find those things better.

Pro tip:  We know there is benefit to using one’s own equipment, but at $15 total, the rental price is hard to beat!

Are lessons ever cancelled?

Please see the outline for more details, but Earl Bales operates in all weather conditions, even rain.  The nature of an outdoor program is that weather is not always perfect.  However, we will cancel a session if the drive to and from the hill is expected to be adversely affected by snowfall and heavy traffic (since we don’t want to spend too much time on the bus for only a short amount of ski time).

On days snow is expected during the afternoon, we will monitor the weather forecast and attempt to inform participants by email no later than 1 pm if the class is on.

If possible, a make up class will be scheduled at the end of the season, but due to the nature of outdoor activities we are unable to make this promise.

What should I do if my child is going to be absent?

If you know in advance of a class that your child will miss, please let us know in advance so we don’t keep the bus waiting trying to track you down to find out if you are coming!  You can let us know by email or by phoning Catherine in the office (416-922-3714 ext 102).

My child is experienced, do they have to wear a helmet?

Yes!  Earl Bales requires that all children and chaperones (if they are skiing), regardless of experience, wear helmets.