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Here is an introduction from our Instructor Lisa Hardess:

Hi, I’m Lisa and I’m passionate about the way words and thoughts affect how we feel and create our experiences in life.

For nearly 20 years I have worked as a consultant, a coach, a teacher, and a planner – often all at the same time! – with individuals of all ages, communities and small business to help them consciously create the life they want by changing their inner and outer game.

My formal training allows me to bring an incredible combination of science, psychology, education, planning and implementation to my client work; I have a bachelor of Science, a Bachelor of Education, a Master of Planning and am certified with the (Bob) Proctor Gallagher Institute.

The work I do helps people close the gap between what they know they want to (and should) do and what they actually do to achieve the goals and success they desire. This always involves creating a new belief patterns and emotional responses to use the power of the mind in a positive way and build new habits.

As a parent and an educator I kept coming back to how teaching these tools to children and youth would give them tremendous advantages in school and life, especially now when they need more than top academic marks to succeed.

As a coach and consultant I work to ‘undo’ habits that aren’t serving my clients and help them to ‘pull the weeds’ from their minds; what if they hadn’t been planted there in the first place!

As a result, I created Raising Resilient Humans to support parents, children and youth through presentations, workshops and 1-1 coaching. In the teenage years, while so much development occurs in the brain, the opportunities for parents to support a growth mindset, foster strong inner self image, create confidence and resilience is both exciting and essential for the whole family’s health and well-being. Parenting teens is a wild ride and with knowledge and support, it can be wild and fun for everyone!

Here is also a video she shared for you: Password Mooredale 

Shifting from Concern to Confidence
Thursday November 21st 7-8:30pm
@ Mooredale House Main House Ballroom

Everyone experiences fear and worry when they try new things. Successful people move through the fear, and beyond their comfort zone, to take action. Learn how to support your tween/teen manage worry and fear to build confidence and belief in that they can achieve.

Register online:  http://mooredale.campbrainregistration.com
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Raising Resilient Humans: Creating an Island in the Digital Ocean – A Workshop for Parents of Teens
Part 1: Thursday January 23rd
Part 2: Thursday February 20th
7:00-8:30pm @ Mooredale House Main House Ballroom

Do you find yourself overwhelmed and distracted by technology? Imagine what that must be like to a tween/teen brain where the new hormones are raging and executive functioning (at its fullest) is still years away!

The effects of the pervasive digital world on our children are still unclear, but it has clearly shifted what they do with their spare time. If creativity and self-control are as important to success as IQ, how can parents help foster this without initiating WWIII in the home.

To register online:  http://mooredale.campbrainregistration.com
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