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Programs for Young Children

Magic Languages: Spanish Music Class
Wednesdays: 6 Months to 3 Years (Parent & Tot) 10:15 – 11:00 am

Our music program for babies and toddlers (6 months to 5 years) is offered to promote language learning in a fun environment. Children are exposed to the new language through traditional and vocabulary building songs, dance, and props, such as puppets, instruments, lullabies and more. Through the songs we will work on learning words related to colours, weather and nature, animals parts of the face and body, days of the week, fruits and vegetables, and salutations.

FunKey Kids: 2 – 3 Years
Mondays: 10:45 – 11:30am

Beginning to develop healthy physical literacy and fostering the need for independence, our two to three old members begin each class with fun FunKey song, stretching positions and locomotion. The children then participate in 1 to 2 main activities which change each week and focus on different fundamental motions.

Junior Sportball: 16 – 24 months
Tuesdays: 10:45 – 11:30am
Thursdays: 9:45 – 10:30am

This program introduces toddlers to movement, sports, rhymes, stories, parachute activities and more. A parent or caregiver joins the fun and stays with the child for this exciting program. It’s a great way to start an active lifestyle with your child.

Parent & Tot Sportball: 2 – 4 years
Tuesdays: 9:45 – 10:30am
Thursdays: 10:45 – 11:30am

This program will guide you and your toddler through the introductory skill of the 7 Sportball sports. Experienced Sportball instructors will lead each 45 min session. There will be no breaks, but parents should feel free to give their child a drink of water or take then to the washroom if needed.